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From Pastor Handy...
THINGS ARE CHANGING EVERYDAY. In compliance with the latest order issued by Governor John Bel Edwards, and being led of God. I’m suspending our normal GATHERING for worship without suspending our ability to WORSHIP. We will host Social Media Worship until further notice. Instead of our regular MICBR 8am, MICPLAQ 10am worship and family night on Tuesday. Please note the upcoming changes. We can still be faithful to God in this season.
Sundays we will combine as a family for 9am Social Media Worship on Facebook, our website and the prayer call number. We are shifting our Monday night Prayer Calls to host a Corporate Tuesday Night Believer’s night prayer call. We will maintain this schedule until further notice. All services will air on Facebook, our website ( and on our prayer call line (364-0224). You will have the opportunity to give to the Campus of your choice by texting micgive to 54244 or by cash app at $MICPLAQ OR $MICBTR. We are changing the way we congregate. We can not forsake the assembling of the family of faith. Governor John Bel Edwards says if you are a leader, you have to lead. Plus you have to make sure you are telling people to follow the rules. Let’s make sure we are not encouraging them to Ignore them. We cannot teach others to disrespect leadership and demand to be respected. God spoke to me in 2019 and said 2020 will be a year we have to strategize. God has a plan! God told me as a family in 2020 to focus on LOVE OUTWARD! I see what God is doing. It’s our year of FRANGELISM! We have been Forced by the hand of God to come out of the 4 walls! Let’s do ministry. This is the season to Love upward (Love God) Love inward (Love Yourself) Love outward (Love others) We are more than a congregation we are family!


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